Senior Designer

Senior Designer

Are you an in-house designer tired of using the same restrictive brand style guide every day? Or maybe you are at a design firm and there isn’t an opportunity to use your entrepreneurial skills to have a voice in the future of the firm? Read on, my friend.

LecoursDesign is looking to add a full-time Senior Designer. The role is perfect for:

  • A creative looking to join our small but growing fully-remote team.

  • Someone with experience leading digital design projects (mostly websites) but also loves designing brand identities.

  • A senior designer who will create compelling and scalable creative solutions for our A/E/C firm (architecture, engineering, and construction) clients.

  • Someone as proud as we are to work with A/E/C firm clients that create the infrastructure for society to function—buildings, roads, bridges, environmental protection, power, and water. Our clients appreciate our expertise in helping them attract clients and talent.

Your primary responsibility will be to develop the user experience and interface design for our client’s digital projects. You will also be responsible for supervising the developers on these projects. Helping create brand strategy and designing brand systems will also be part of your job. If all this sounds creative and meaningful—and you have a highly organized approach to your work—then this is the role for you!

Remote—you can live and work anywhere in the world, but must be available 8am–5pm PST (Pacific)
FYI – our entire team is remote

Reports To
David Lecours, Principal and Creative Director



  • 4+ years experience with a solid portfolio of work (preferably in B2B) that demonstrates proven digital/UX/UI/IA experience along with conceptual, typography, and production skills. Experience and interest in firm culture, shaping brand strategies, and designing brand identities is a plus.

  • Proficiency in information architecture, navigational models, UI mechanics, wireframes, simple animations and transitions.

  • Ability to prototype ideas in prototyping software (Figma or Adobe XD))

  • Expertise with Adobe Creative Suite (XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign)

  • Brings entrepreneurial drive and/or a willingness to work in an “all hands-on deck”, small creative team that wears “many hats.”

  • Comfortable taking direction and critique well and can work efficiently.

  • Strong written and verbal communication as well as interpersonal skills.

  • Must have experience managing own projects from start to finish thus demonstrating skills in time, schedule, and project management.

  • Organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated.

  • Kind, thoughtful, flexible human being who is genuinely curious, loves to learn and brings positivity, passion, energy, and enthusiasm to a growing team.


About Us

LecoursDesign is a branding and digital marketing agency helping A/E/C firms (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) attract clients and talent. While based in sunny San Diego, our team members are distributed across the country. This works well since our clients are also located nationally.

For twenty-five years, David Lecours, Principal and Creative Director has run the firm as a 1-person shop with assistance from senior freelance designers. As an introvert, this allowed David to complete deep work without the interruptions of a noisy office. Convinced that remote work is the future, David is excited to build a small, fully remote team. We are also obsessed with building a cohesive culture (see Core Values below) of learning, growth, and support. In addition to virtual meetings, we connect as a team, in-person, one to two times per year. There will be opportunities for mentorship with the other designers on our team. You won’t feel alone.

David has decades of marketing, design, and A/E/C expertise he’d like to share. In the future, there may also be employee ownership opportunities.

O U R  C O R E  V A L U E S

Continually Improve
Marketing is never done and never perfect. Same for us as individuals and our brand. So we continually improve—project-by-project, and person-to-person. Small incremental improvements done consistently compound into huge results. When we witness results and growth in others, we acknowledge them. At the end of each day, ask yourself these two questions: 1) Did I do my best? 2) How can I improve tomorrow?

Feed Yourself Well
The quality of our output equals the quality of our input. We must feed ourselves well to create well. This means staying curious while designing an interesting life. Get obsessed about whatever ignites you while living an integrated life of work and play. We have hobbies offline to compete with our urge to continually work. One of these hobbies needs to be a love of learning in whatever form best nourishes you.

Communicate with Clarity, Simplicity, and Courage
Within our team and with our clients, we must write and speak clearly and bravely. Use empathy, keep it short and simple, use good grammar, proofread, and hit send.

Embrace Systems and Order
We find joy in order, structure, and organization. Our punctuality for internal and external meetings and deadlines demonstrates respect for others. We keep our files and folders organized. We are methodical in how we organize our days—with prioritization, chunking similar tasks, and managing our energy. This grants us time to do deep work, achieve flow, and be creative. We minimize chaos in ourselves and others. We stop work when you are excited, not done, so we start excited the next day.

None of Us Are as Smart as All of Us
We farm for consent and dissent from clients and team members. We ask for help and feedback, showing vulnerability. We utilize the strengths of our teammates to improve the work. Achieving greatness and distinction as a team is rewarding and creates connection. Once we gather input, we also honor our own vision and intuition, then make a decision and move on.

Accommodations and Accessibility
Should you require any accommodation, please indicate this on your application and we will work with you to meet your accessibility needs. For any questions, suggestions, or required documents regarding accessibility in a different format, please contact us.

LecoursDesign recognizes that design has a diversity issue, and believes that diverse teams make for better work and services. We strongly encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities, and/or people with intersectional identities. Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Please let them know!

Why This Role is Awesome

  • Are you curious and want to learn?
    LecoursDesign is a vehicle for learning, practice development, and professional growth – we’re excited for team members to bring their ideas, learn new approaches and try new things. We believe in and support learning omnivores and work-life balance.

  • You want to help shape our firm?
    We’re a successful, one-person studio that is in the early stages of growing our team that is creative, values-driven, and a great place to work. We want your contribution!

  • Do you love organization and order?
    We do too. Being organized grants us time to do deep work and achieve flow. We minimize chaos in ourselves and others. We stop work when we are excited, not done, so we start excited the next day.

  • Want to work anywhere in the world?
    We are a fully remote team and support flexibility in your hours – as long as work gets done, it’s up to you when and how. We don’t clock in and out at set times. You know when you do your best work.

Our Ideal Candidate
***Note that we do not require or expect you to have experience in all these areas or meet every criteria. If you have half or more, you’re good to apply.

  • Is passionate about digital design and continues to explore, experiment, and expand your knowledge and perspective.

  • Has a growing interest or experience in branding.

  • Can think strategically and holistically, while also executing and sweating the details!

  • Is conscientious and thorough, empathetic, tactful in tough situations, collaborative, highly communicative, and reliable.

  • Appreciates that our clients are also our collaborators and can work directly with and manage clients and collaborate with others—you don’t feel too “precious” about your work.

  • Is a systems thinker and loves order and structure as much as we do.

  • Is excited to be part of a small but growing team that is building something special.

  • Is entrepreneurial and has a genuine curiosity in growing a creative business.

  • Is comfortable proactively driving projects forward and asking for support/collaboration when needed.

  • Can self-manage and meet deadlines, proactively figure out what needs to be done next, and is super organized to ensure clients get consistent, reliable service.


What We Offer

  • Health Insurance

  • 12 days of paid time off + 5 days end-of-year holiday shut down + 10 federal holidays = 27 days. We hire talented people and know that they need time off to be at their best. Take time off to recharge and make sure you’re working sustainably.

  • $2,000 / year self-improvement stipend and time for learning, so that you can access conferences, courses, books, and other learning opportunities. We understand that your appetite for learning needs feeding!

  • A yearly WFH (work-from-home) stipend that helps cover some necessary services, equipment, and expenses you feel you need to enrich your WFH experience (e.g., a standing desk, a new chair, a new pet animal for companionship, a floating desk at a coworking space).

  • An adventure. We’d love to have you shape our brand with us! We want to create a culture where our people and clients flourish.

  • Work that matters. Our clients (A/E/C firms) do essential work that improves lives. But they struggle with differentiating themselves and telling their stories. So they appreciate our creative and strategic expertise.

How to Apply


Must include: Cover Letter, Resume, link to your Portfolio

No phone calls

LecoursDesign is a branding and digital marketing agency helping A/E/C* firms attract clients and talent.
* A/E/C = Architecture / Engineering Construction (but you already knew that)
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