3 Key Habits for AEC Marketers

Recently, I had a really great marketing day. I’d like to share with you a few habits that led to my success. I didn’t invent these, and, you may have heard them before. The following tactics have been effective for me in marketing my firm, LecoursDesign, and should also work for you.

1. Present Proposals in Person
The morning of my really great marketing day started with a meeting I requested to present a proposal to re-design the KTU+A website. I could have faxed or e-mailed the proposal and checked it off my to-do list. But, I’ve found a much higher success rate by presenting proposals in person. It shows a deeper commitment to the project, allows the client to get to know you better, and allows for the opportunity to answer questions about process or pricing in real-time.

2. Volunteer and Network Where Your Clients Are
Later the same morning, I ran into the Marketing Director and VP of KTU+A at a networking event where they handed me the signed proposal that I had just presented. Hooray! I previously served on the Board of Directors of Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) with the Marketing Director from KTU+A. She and I were also in the same Toastmasters group where she’d heard my speeches about the capabilities of LecoursDesign. So, when the RFP for their website came out, we were already well positioned in the mind of our new client.

3. Get In Front of Your Clients as an Expert
By noon of my great marketing day, I was on-stage at the recent USGBC / SMPS Luncheon. Being introduced to the audience as a Board Member and Marketing Co-Chair for the U.S. Green Building Council, San Diego Chapter elevated my awareness with 150 potential clients. One of which, the owner of Green Office Projects, introduced himself to me and inquired about the services of LecoursDesign. This was a lead that fits perfectly with our niche: building brands at the intersection of Architecture and CleanTech. Did it lead to a new project? You’ll have to wait until next issue to find out…

I’ve found recent success by dedicating 4 hours each Wednesday to marketing. I know it’s easy to neglect marketing when you are busy. But with long sales cycles, you can’t afford to wait until things get slow to nurture the marketing tree and expect consistent, high quality fruit.

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* A/E/C = Architecture / Engineering Construction (but you already knew that)
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