Discovery, Insights, and Recommendations


Clients like you often hire us for strategic advice, not design. You simply want objective feedback on your current marketing efforts or guidance towards a better marketing plan. We start with a Discovery, Insights & Recommendations engagement. You receive strategic and practical recommendations delivered in a presentation, report or both.

Next, we can help you develop a plan. You wouldn’t create a building without a plan. You shouldn’t run your business without a strategic plan and a marketing plan.


Discovery, Insights & Recommendations Engagement Includes:

  • Historical Research
  • Qualitative Research: interviewing your clients or teaming partners
  • Qualitative Research: interviewing your employees
  • Strategic Plan Review
  • Marketing Plan Review
  • Brand Touchpoint Scoring: how you measure vs. peers
  • Competitive Audit
  • Top 10 Recommendations

Strategy Case Story

Rebranding Internal Launch

To read our strategy case story with Murraysmith, click here.


All A/E/C firms should have a 3-year Strategic Plan and a 1-year Marketing Plan. We strongly believe that firms need to write these plans themselves, with guidance from a consultant, or they won’t get implemented. We believe you need objective guidance through the strategic and marketing planning process. You can’t read the label if you are inside the jar.

Strategic Plan
Purpose: why your firm exists, beyond profit
Vision: what/where your firm will be in 3 years
Values: your guiding principles & behaviors
Positioning: you do X for Y
Positioning: what is gained if you are hired (unique value proposition)
Positioning: your personality and point-of-view
SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan
Marketing Mix of proactive initiatives help you reach your SMART goals
Who in the firm will take responsibility for each marketing initiative
Dashboard for Measurement



Our A/E/C Firm Marketing illustration below shows the recommended strategy sequence.  Download the PDF



Our strategy services require a $15k minimum investment.


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* A/E/C = Architecture / Engineering Construction (but you already knew that)
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