Pro Surfing Tips: What the New Wave of Websites Means for AEC Marketers

Surfing Instructors: David Lecours and Josh Miles




  1. Introducing today’s surf instructors
  2. Social Handles & Hashtags
  3. CTA ““ where to get the slides, links, downloads, and handouts

Why – Why Have a Website?, Why This Session?

  1. A brief perspective of AEC websites
  2. Why this session? Why have a website?
  3. 4 Functions: Attract, Demonstrate, Connect, Convert
  4. Wipeout: The gnarliest mistakes online today.

What – What Is The New Wave Of Websites?

  1. A new wave is on its way””are you ready to ride?
  2. What’s NEW for AEC websites?
    Examples, and case studies of some of the hottest trends:
    Content Management Systems
    Responsive Design
    Simplified Navigation
    Going Vert (Scrolling), Parallax Scrolling
    CTAs & Lead Generation
    Graphic Design Trends
  3. Marketing Automation
    Cross-channel marketing
  4. Beyond text and photos: content that scores big with prospects, SEO
  5. Respect the environment: Today’s digital ecosystem
  6. Q&A, Comments

How – How To Create Your Next Website

  1. Ding Repair (fix it up) or New Board (whole new website)?
  2. Lifecycle of a website
  3. Assembling your surf team:
    Getting the right team on board
    Selling a new website to your team
    Leading the content charge
  4. Assembling the right surf instructors
    When to go outside for help
  5. Process: Planning, prototyping, design, content, & coding
  6. Measurement: How long? How much $?
    What To Budget, Calculating ROI
  7. After the Surf Session
    Zen and the art of maintenance
  8. Q&A, Comments

Review & Conclusion

Resources at Miles Design


Best Practice AEC Websites

Other Sites Shown in Session

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Why AEC Firms Must Use Content Marketing
AEC Content Marketing: How To Get Started

AEC Firm Website Articles
5 Symptoms of an Expired Website
Why Your Next AEC Firm Website Will Use Responsive Design
I’m No Longer Scared of Google Analytics
4 Functions AEC Websites Must Serve
SEO for AEC Firms
The Website Development Process

Other Website Resources

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